There is a requirement for all schools to publish the outline curriculum for each year group on their website. It is impossible to publish details of every aspect of the curriculum. The links below provide access to outlines of the key content for each year group. Staff will always be very happy to discuss the content of the curriculum in more detail with any parent or carer. It should be noted that the details below are the ‘standard curriculum’ requirements; we constantly differentiate these to support and extend all pupils.

Focus-Trust Curriculum Statement September 2019

Curriculum Statement 2019

Teaching and Learning Statement 2019

Much of our curriculum is taught through topic-based cross-curricular themes. Please click on the Year Group below for more information.


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Y6 Curriculum Information

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All pupils at Thornton Primary School will have two timetabled sessions of P.E. each week. These are listed below.

All children are expected to have their P.E. Kits in school on their P.E. days. Kits should consist of a plain white t-shirt, blue or black shorts, black pumps, and trainers for outdoor sessions. In the colder months, children should bring in jogging bottoms and a warm fleece or suitable long-sleeved top as well. Football tops are not permitted.

Mr Wysocki is in charge of P.E. at Thornton Primary School. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions or concerns.

PE Policy

British Values

Focus-Trust Position Statement on Curriculum and British Values – August 2018

Relationships Education

Focus-Trust Relationships Education Statement March 2019