Popstar Maths

Popstar Maths is our approach to learning and practising essential mental mathematical knowledge including times-tables and their related division facts.


How Popstar Maths works:

Each week, the children will be have several short practice and revision sessions covering the essential mental skills they need to be effective mathematicians. Towards the end of the week, they will have a quick test on times-tables, their related division facts, and other essential mathematical knowledge they should have. The time taken to complete the tests, along with the number of correct answers, will determine a weekly ‘score’. Over the course of a term, the children will aim to improve this score so that they are correctly answering the questions as quickly as they can.

We will encourage the children to practise and learn their times-tables and other essential knowledge as much as possible so that, week by week, they can improve their score.



The Chuffettes, a world-famous pop-group have also visited the school to encourage the children to be the best pop-star mathematicians that they can be.