Takeaway Homework

At the start of a new topic of work and/or term, the teachers in each year-group will create a list of homework tasks. The actual number of tasks will vary and will be determined primarily by the length of time the topic/term will run for and by the age of the children, but we would hope that approximately 15 tasks would be available in Key Stage 1 classes and approximately 20 tasks in Key Stage 2 classes. The tasks will be differentiated: some will be fairly straightforward to understand and complete and others will be more difficult and require greater consideration or involve more higher-order thinking skills.

Over the course of the following weeks, whilst the topic is being covered, the children will be entirely free to pick and choose which homework tasks they attempt.

The homework tasks will be presented as a ‘menu’ and, where possible, will be linked to the theme of the topic work. The latest menus will be sent home and e-mailed out at the start of each term, and are also available here:

We will provide each pupil with a homework book which they can use to record their homework. This will generally be for written homework tasks, but photographs of practical work or physical creations can also be stuck in.

Completed homework should be handed in at least once each half-term, but there is also the option to hand-in work and have it marked each week. When the homework is reviewed, each child should be given an overall comment relating to their work. This will include some recognition of what the child has been particularly successful with, but might also contain suggestions for further actions or make reference to specific pieces giving ideas for further consideration.

At the end of the topic work or term, each class will hold a presentation session where the children can display their completed take-away homework tasks. This will give children in the class the opportunity to look at the work of their peers and have their own work and effort recognised. For at least one of these sessions, the display of the take-away homework tasks will be a part of the open-afternoons each year-group holds so that parents can also attend and see their child’s work alongside the work of others. Rewards such as merits will also be given out to children who have clearly worked hard on their tasks or succeeded in a particular area.