Admissions Policy and arrangements 2020


Children are admitted to the Reception Class, on a full time basis, once a year in September.

The maximum number admitted in any one year is 90. If there are more than 90 children requesting a place then the LA applies the following criteria when allocating places:

  • Children who have brothers or sisters on roll on the date of admission.
  • Children living within a defined catchment area, selected by the Local Authority.
  • Children living outside the catchment area.

If parents receive notice that a place has not been offered to their child, they may, if they wish, appeal to City of Bradford Children’s Services.

You can apply online for a place at any Bradford School. Please click on the link below which tells you how to apply and much more information.

Bradford Council Online Admissions


We adopt the Council admission policy on Nursery admission.

 Children attend Nursery part-time and will be admitted to Nursery in a term after their third birthday. There are 30 places in Nursery  at any one time, but as these are part time, it means that effectively, 60 children can attend Nursery.

Our Nursery sessions are as follows:

  1. Mornings:       Monday to Friday 8.45-11.45am
  2. Afternoons: Monday to Friday 12.15-3.15pm
  3. Beginning of the week: Monday 8.45am to Wednesday 11.45am
  4. End of the week: Wednesday 12.15pm to Friday 3.15pm.
  5. Full week: Monday 8.45am to Friday 3.15pm with a charge for lunch.

In the event of Nursery places being over- subscribed, the over-subscription criteria described above will be applied. Parents will be informed of the decision by the school