The work of the school is governed by a range of policies. A copy of any policy can be provided, free of charge, on request.

Focus-Trust policies

These are policies which apply to all the academies which are part of the Focus-Trust. These policies are arranged under the following headings:

  • Education
  • Safeguarding
  • Operations
  • Emergency
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Governance
  • Health and Safety


Exclusion Policy

Thornton Primary School follows the Focus-Trust Exclusion Policy


Complaints Policy

Thornton Primary School follows the Focus Trust  Complaint Procedure


Allegations against members of staff or volunteers policy

Thornton Primary School follows the Focus-Trust Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 


Whistle Blowing Policy

The Focus Trust and its academies/schools are committed to the highest standards of openness and accountability.  All employees and others with genuine concerns about the Trust or an academy/school should be able to voice those concerns without fear of reprisal.

F-T HR – Whistle Blowing Policy  gives details of the procedure to follow.

In addition, there are policies which apply to our school only. These include policies regarding the curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment and the welfare of pupils. Key policies include:

Accessibility Statement

Behaviour Policy 2018

Charging & Remissions Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2018-19

Equality Policy

F-T  Privacy Policy 

SEND Policy

SEND Report


For mathematics, our calculation policies below detail the calculation methods we expect the children to be using in each year-group:






Please note – should you wish to access any school policies not listed above, please contact the school office. Thank you.