The School Day


Doors open at 8.45 am when children will come into school, hang coats up and go straight into their classrooms. The doors will then be closed at 8.50 am after which time children go to the main entrance to be registered as late.

The register will close at 9 am and lesson time will start.

At 11.45 am children from Reception and Year One will go for lunch until 12.30 pm.

Year Two will go at 12-12.45 pm, Year Three from 12.15-1 pm and Years Four, Five and Six will go for lunch from 12.30-1.15 pm.

All children will have 45 minutes to eat lunch and have time to play out.

School finishes at 3.15 pm.

We expect pupils to have good attendance and punctuality. Any unexplained absences or concerns regarding attendance or punctuality are followed up in order to ensure:

  • the safety & well-being of pupils
  • maximum opportunities for learning

What to do if your child is ill:                                                                      

If your child  has a bit of tummy ache or a headache, please still try and bring them into school. School will always ring you if your child is to ill to stay, but often once they are here they are fine.

If your child is unable to attend school please inform us as soon as possible either by telephone (01274 833839) or email (, leaving your child’s full name, class and reason for absence. If we do not receive any information we will contact you to find out why your child is absent.